Missing work because of an injury is never fun, especially if you have bills to pay. If your injury was work related, then your worker’s compensation most likely took care of your bills. But what would happen if your injury wasn’t work-related?  Or if you had to miss months of work?

That is where disability insurance steps in.

Private disability insurance protects the income you are missing while you can’t work. This will allow policy owners to continue to live their day to day lives without having to worry so much about money. Their income is protected, and they can focus on their health.

Disability insurance policies cover the cost of missing work due to illness, injury, or pregnancy. More than one in four 20-year-olds can expect to miss work for at least a year due to a disability before they reach retirement age. That can include missing a month’s worth of work because you were one of the unlucky ones who caught the flu. It can also include being in a car wreck that forces you to be bed rest for weeks. And your policy can also give you income protection if you have a high alert pregnancy and are forced to stay home. Depression and anxiety are the number one mental health issues that cause people to miss work. Don’t add stress your health because your policy can also cover your mental health.

Suffering from a form of disability can happen to you.

So, what are you waiting for?

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