Tornado season is upon us. Oklahomans know that a tornado can strike at any time and place without a care of what is in its path. For that reason, it is better to be safe than sorry and insure all your valuables.

One of the most important items to insure is your home.

If you are a homeowner, you most likely had to purchase homeowners insurance as a requirement for your mortgage. As for renters, they most likely don’t have renter’s insurance unless their landlord mandates it. Many pass on renters insurance because they feel like they can replace anything lost. But did you know renters insurance protects more than just your items?

Many renters insurance policies include liability coverage. This follows you wherever you go. Liability coverage protects you from paying out of pocket if you are found legally responsible for injuries to other people or damages to their property. For example, if a friend falls in your home because they tripped on a cord from your TV, you are covered. Or if you were in a glass store and you accidentally knock over a display, you are covered. Liability coverage can also include your children.

Renters insurance also covers the cost of having to stay in a hotel if you are not able to stay in your apartment or home. This can come in handy for those unexpected nightmares. If your apartment floods, your renters insurance can pay for your hotel stay until it is safe for you to move back.

The most common feature a renters insurance has is protecting your belongings. In some policies, this feature follows your belongings where ever they may be. For example, if your laptop gets stolen out of your car, your renters insurance can possibly cover it. Bonus, depending on your car insurance policy, it could also cover your laptop.

It is important to understand your policies to know what exactly is included in your coverage. In the long run, a $15 renters insurance policy is not a waste of money.

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