(This was submitted to Eagle Group Associates from a client.)

In my recent venture to obtain renters insurance, I have been enlightened in an informational manner.

To list, here are three areas I feel you should communicate when speaking to your agent.

  1. Replacement Cost- This includes everything from replacement of clothes; shoes; appliances; furniture; children’s toys; decor, and/or anything you feel should be included in the amount of coverage you wish to obtain. Take an inventory of everything it’d cost you to replace the things that made your home a home.
  2. Different Coverage Types- What type of damage is considered under the coverage? Natural disasters such as: floods, tornados, hail, or burglary. Be very specific and tedious and know what things aren’t covered.
  3. You always want to choose a higher rebate- For example: You may have gotten your nice 51” flat screen on sale for tax free weekend or Black Friday. An important thing to think about is how much would it cost for you to replace that flat screen today.

These are just a few top factors to consider when deciding your coverage. Also, do not intend to call the day an F5 tornado is scheduled to possibly tear the roof off your home to receive coverage. There are steps and protocols that must be taken before coverage can be in your favor. Take adequate time to decide what accommodates you and your family’s needs.


By: Toria Garcia

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