Health care insurance seems to be “the topic” in most media these days. It’s for a good reason. Nothing is more precious than our health or more important to safeguard. Also, a broad and complex range of plans has only muddied the waters.


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You’ll likely agree that you need reliable health insurance, but probably don’t know where to begin. That’s one area where Eagle Group Associates can be of great value to you. As Oklahoma’s Insurance Solution Finder, we’ll:

  • Talk with you
  • Do the research
  • Scour the materials and forms
  • Make some recommendations

Like all we do, our proposals will be personalized to your needs – and easy, complete, and affordable.

Below are plans and insurance types in the health category. You’ll probably notice that we’ve thought of virtually everything so you don’t have to! We’re ready to help with each of these:

Temporary plans

Major medical/catastrophic

High deductible plans

HSA (Health Savings Accounts)



Fixed benefit plans



Critical Illness



Health Matching Account

We have some great news to share with you about how you can secure lower health care costs for you and your family. We want to introduce you to the HMA Medical Benefits Card, which is the premier medical savings account now on the market and can be used to pay for all of your out-of-pocket, medical expenses. The HMA (Health Matching Account) will cover all of your copays and deductibles as well as dental, vision, prescription drugs and any other elective procedures (including plastic surgery, lasik and much more) that are not covered under your primary health insurance plan.

You can use the link below to watch an introductory video on the HMA and also review an online brochure for additional information. We really think that the HMA can be a very valuable tool to help you save more money on your health care costs than ever before.

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