Travel Insurance = Safe Travel

Travel Insurance = Safe Travel

When planning a trip your priorities are to book flights, reserve hotel rooms and purchase tickets for activities. One thing you should also add to the list is purchasing travel insurance. A lot of time and money goes into planning a trip whether it is a town over or overseas. Travel insurance is a must to help you be protected against any unexpected events before and during your trip.

Here are some scenarios travel insurance covers:

Trip Cancellation

One of the worst feelings in the world is having to cancel a trip for unforeseen circumstances and not being able to be reimbursed. If you were to have purchased travel insurance your nightmare would not become a reality. With insurance, you would be covered and offered a reimbursement for what has been paid towards your trip. Trip cancellation/interruption also includes having to return home mid-trip. Depending on your policy you can be reimbursed for the days left on your vacation that were not fulfilled. For example, you could be reimbursed for the nights your hotel was booked for but you weren’t there or the tours you had booked but had to miss.

Missed Flight and Baggage Loss

At times, our bags will arrive at a later flight or just won’t make it to our planned destination. Whether you miss any of your flights or your luggage goes missing, travel insurance has you covered. Depending on your policy your next flight could be paid for and you could also be reimbursed thousands of dollars for your missing luggage.

Medical Protection

If you were to get sick or injured and seek medical attention abroad your healthcare plan may not cover you. You might have to initially pay out of pocket then wait months to be reimbursed through your healthcare plan. With certain travel insurance policies, your insurance carrier would directly pay the hospital or doctor’s office immediately. You can also have a policy that covers an emergency medical evacuation.


Acts of terrorism can occur at any given time. When traveling abroad it is helpful to have a safety plan in place in case an emergency evacuation occurs. If you are ever forced to leave a place and fly back home, travel insurance would cover your expenses. Sometimes your travel agent or insurance agent will have emergency plans including safe locations and phone numbers on hand for your trip.

Insurance is meant to help you in your worst times. Insure your financial investment in your trip with travel insurance. Contact your favorite Eagle Group Associate for more information about travel insurance.

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