You can insure that?

When a celebrity is rumored to insure a body part, it becomes a national headline. At times it can become global news. Throughout the history of insurance we have seen some unusual items people have insured. Here are some of the craziest things you can insure:

Alien abduction

There is an actual policy to protect you if you become abducted by an alien. There are around 20,000 people who currently have this policy. There is also a rider you can add that protects you from UFO crashes and falling space debris. If you live around Area 51 this might be a good policy for you.


Companies will sometimes purchase this insurance when they have important employees traveling abroad. You can also purchase this policy for yourself. If you were to get kidnapped this policy would pay back the ransom and any other expenses caused by the kidnapping.

Loch Ness Monster

In 1971, the Cutty Sark Company agreed to pay a monetary prize to whoever captured the Loch Ness monster alive. In case someone were to capture Nessy, the company bought some insurance. They would not lose any money but would have to turn Nessy over to the insurance company.

Love Insurance

Do you think you have found the one? In China, couples can now get a love insurance. If they get married between three to 13 years after they start dating, they will receive a payout. There are multiple companies who offer this policy. Each company offers a different payout ranging from money, flowers to jewelry.


Getting a policy for special events is becoming more and more common. Whether you are getting married, holding a bar mitzvah or hosting a dinner party you can get insurance. Event insurance can cover everything from injuries that occur during the event to damaged photographs. It can also cover damages caused to the dress.  If your big day happens to get ruined, your insurance will help you cover any fees.

Fantasy Football Team

If one of your main players happens to get hurt during the season you could get your entry fee and other expenses paid for. The fantasy sports insurance was created to protect your bets. If you wage a lot of money on fantasy teams, this policy can really benefit you in a bad season.

Car Keys

Your auto insurance might already cover key replacement, but if not you could add a rider to some policies. This could save you a lot of money especially if your replacement keys cost $200 or more.


There have been multiple cases where people have insured their hair. One of the most popular cases is Merv Hughes, an Australian cricket player, who insured his mustache for $370,000. He has been quoted saying his mustache is part of his persona as a cricket player.


Insurance is there to protect you if the item you insured get damaged.  If you love something, no matter how wacky it is, there is a way to protect it.

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